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One Piece Chapter 1110: Explained!! Sun Vs Planets!?

One Piece Chapter 1110: The Five Elders in Yokai form before Luffy

One Piece chapter 1110 is titled “Planetfall” and has been released on the official site Viz Media.

Arrival of Remaining Planets

Chapter 1110 starts with the sky filled with black lightning the same one when Saturn arrived. With the help of Saturn’s Summoning, all the remaining elders have arrived at the Egghead Island. Their beast form name and appearance have been released in this chapter.

Five Elders Beast Forms

St. Jaygarcia Saturn- The Gyuki

Saturn in Gyuki Yokai Form

A Gyuki is a spider yokai, ushi-oni (ox oni; ox demon).

St. Marcus Mars- The Itsumade

Marcus Mars in Itsumade Yokai Form

An Itsumade is an eerie yokai, wearing a human face atop a serpentine body, reminiscent of a bird in its appearance.

St. Topman Warcury- The Hoki

Warcury in Hoki Yokai Form

A Hoki is a boar-like monster from Chinese mythology

St. Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro- The Bakotsu

Nusjuro in Bakotsu Yokai Form

A Bakotsu is skeletal yokai.

St. Shepherd Ju Peter- The Sand Wyrm

Ju Peter in Sand Wyrm Yokai Form

A Sand Wyrm is a mythical Sandworm found on Desserts.

Elders are running wild

In Chapter 1110 all five elders have activated their awakened forms. Nusjuro is shown using his powers to halt the Pacifistas, swiftly cutting through them one by one. It appears he is employing cold-based techniques, much like Brook, as one panel displays the fallen Pacifistas temporarily paralyzed due to their freeze neural circuitry. This strategic move aids the Marines in dealing with the fire problem and presents an opportunity to eliminate Bonney.

Meanwhile, Marcus Mars soars towards the Labo-Stratum on Egghead in order to put a stop to the broadcast. Simultaneously, Sanji warns Nami and the others to evacuate as a monstrous creature (Mars) hurtles towards them in flight.

On the other hand, Ju Peter and Saturn engage in a fierce battle against Luffy. Despite Saturn’s relentless assault, Luffy manages to evade every attack. He notices Ju Peter transforming into a yokai form and digging underground like a worm. In the following panel, Usopp converses with Sanji, informing him that they are prepared to make their escape as they have reunited with Brook and Lilith.

However, Jinbe and Zoro have yet to return. Meanwhile, Jinbe searches for Zoro amid the dire situation. Eventually, he finds Zoro still locked in combat with Lucci. As Jinbe approaches them, Zoro overhears Sanji taunting him for endangering everyone’s lives. After hearing the mocking Zoro one-shotted Lucci with the new move “Hahava Hunt“.

As the battle rages on, Ju Peter suddenly emerges from the ground and swiftly swallows Luffy whole. However, in a stroke of luck, Dorry and Broggy, the two giant warriors, come to Luffy’s rescue. With their immense strength and razor-sharp weapons, they unleash the powerful “Child of the Sawing Sun” move, slicing through Ju Peter’s tough exterior and freeing Luffy from its grasp.

Encountering the trio brought back a wave of nostalgia for them. Luffy was overjoyed to see them. Dorry and Broggy shared how they couldn’t bear waiting any longer, so they came to fetch him.

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