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“Haikyuu!!: The Dumpster Battle” Karasuno Vs Nekoma

“Haikyuu!!: The Dumpster Battle” the long-awaited movie is out to watch in cinemas. It is released on 16th February 2024 in Japan

According to sources movie was a Massive Hit. Japan Box Office: “ Haikyu!!: The Dumpster Battle” Movie earned 890 million yen on its FIRST day! This would be the fourth highest-grossing opening day in Japan’s history!

The movie continues the journey of Karasuno’s Nationals Tournament where they claim victory against Inarizaki and advance to the next round where they face off their friendly rivals Nekoma. During the summer camp, Nekoma trained alongside Karasuno, both had countless matches but this match was different from those practice matches, “This time there will be no again”. After ages, both Karasuno and Nekoma are facing each other officially on the grounds of Nationals.

This match was emotional not only for the players of Karasuno and Nekoma but for their coaches as well. This long rivalry starts with the young days of “Ikkei Ukai” (Grandfather of Keishin Ukai Karasuno’s current coach) and “Nekomata” (Nekoma’s coach).

Our Teams have finally reached to their promised land. We have waited 4 Years for the animation of the “Garbage dump” match. Though it is only released in Japan for now but we’re hoping the movie will be available in other countries later this year.

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