“Here Are The Top 5 Completed Webtoons That You Must Read.”

5. Bastard

Bastard Webtoon Cover Page

Bastard is a Thriller comic written and illustrated by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang, which has a total of 94 episodes. Bastard is full of mystery and shocking revelations that keep the readers on the edge of their seats. The short and captivating synopsis: “There’s a serial killer in my house! ” will make you curious enough to read.

The story revolves around a boy Jin Seon, a high school student with a dark secret: his father, Seon Il, is an infamous serial killer. As the novel progresses, readers are dragged into a twisted world where the lines between good and evil blur. The conflict between father and son makes a psychological undertone, adding depth to the story.

The dark and intense theme used by the creators compliments the story. The chilling atmosphere of the story and detailed character designs enhance the overall reading experience, Bastard is a must-read for anyone seeking a thrilling and emotionally charged storytelling experience.

4. Murrz

Murzz comic strip

A hilarious and heartfelt comic is all you need when feeling down. A refreshing Slice of Life webtoon Murrz will provide you with all laughter, Joy, Love, Positivity and Relatability. This webtoon explores the everyday experiences and adventures of the creator, “Murrz“.

Each episode tells you a different story and experience of her day-to-day life. The series’ main characters are Murrz (well of course), Boobz and three little furry cuties Beanz, Doobz and Moofz. This webtoon contains 606 short episodes of great storytelling that will allow you to connect with the characters on an emotional level.

3. Freaking Romance

Freaking Romance

A magical blend of romance and fantasy Freaking Romance is a must read. This 79 episodes of story will take you to your fantasy world. This story is about a girl named Zylith, who comes across a haunted house, where she finds someone’s reflection in the bathroom mirror, which makes her take the place. Yup, she took it. From her decision, you can already understand how freaking crazy this romance gonna be.

Snailords has explored the themes of love, friendship, and self-discovery, creating a narrative that resonates on a deep emotional level. Stunning visuals, a vibrant colour palette, illegal cliffhangers and amazing plot twists will hook you with the story.

2. Age Matters

Age Matters Webtoon cover page

If you love the office romance genre, this webtoon is for you. Our female lead Rose found herself in a weird situation when her friend made a request. A soon-to-be 30-year-old woman questioning her life gets involved with a billionaire CEO, Daniel Yoon(23) living next door when her friend asks her to clean his place on her behalf.

You can hardly find a cute romance story with an age gap where the female is the older one. Written and illustrated by Enjelicious, Age Matters provides a light and enjoyable reading experience, featuring a slow-burn romance that gradually develops over time.

1. My Deepest Secret

My Deepest Secret webtoon Cover page

Imagine having a handsome, kind and caring boyfriend. Life seems like a fairy tale until you stumble upon the unsettling revelation that beneath the charming facade lies a yandere—a lover with an obsessive and possessive side.

Emma Wilson is a normal college student who works part-time in a coffee shop with her boyfriend Elios. As the story progresses we see the unfolding connection between Elios and the incidents surrounding Emma, leading to her eventual realization of the deep relationships that bind them.

My Deepest Secret is a Psychological thriller webtoon created by Hanza Art that will blow your mind with plot twists.

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