Sakamoto Days: A Hilarious and Action-Packed Manga

Taro Sakamoto

If you like SPY x FAMILY and The Way of the Househusband this manga is for you. Sakamoto Days follows the story of a retired hitman named Taro Sakamoto who finds himself thrust back into the world of assassins when a former colleague comes knocking on his door. Filled with action, humour, and heartwarming moments, Sakamoto Days is a must-read.

The story of Sakamoto Days begins with our protagonist, Taro Sakamoto, living a quiet life running a small convenience store. Taro had retired from his life as a hitman after meeting and falling in love with his wife Aoi. However, his peaceful existence is shattered when an old colleague, Shin, shows up at his store looking to pull him back into the chaos of organized crime. What ensues is a rollercoaster of action, comedy, and unexpected friendship.

The Legendary Hitman- Taro Sakamoto

Out of shape Sakamoto Lying on ground

An out-of-shape convenience store owner who just wants to enjoy his life with his wife and a loving daughter was once the most feared assassin in Japan. He might have moved on from his past but the past hasn’t moved on from him. Shin, the former colleague has been sent to finish Sakamoto for leaving the organization. Despite his overweight physique, Sakamoto’s killing abilities remain unparalleled. Even a mere ballpen in his hands can become a deadly weapon. However, his promise to his wife prevents him from using his lethal skills against others.

Sakamoto is a character with a unique approach to battles, which sets him apart from other characters in the story. He is committed to using non-violent methods, making him stand. Instead of using brute force, Sakamoto relies on his wit, creativity, and resourcefulness to find unexpected solutions. This approach not only showcases his combat prowess but also his intelligence and problem-solving skills. His subtle portrayal adds depth to his character. By emphasizing Sakamoto’s non-lethal approach, the story becomes more engaging, as readers are eager to see how he will overcome obstacles without resorting to violence.

A Blend of Comedy and Action

Sakamoto blocking bullet with a Cough Drop

Sakamoto Days is a manga that stands out for its exceptional balance of humour and action. Unlike many manga, the humor in this story is not just a side element, but rather an integral part of the storytelling. Suzuki, the author, expertly navigates through the different scenes, transitioning seamlessly between intense action sequences and moments of comedic relief. This keeps the readers engaged and entertained throughout the story. The manga is an excellent example of how to combine different genres in a way that appeals to a wide range of readers.

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