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Ninja Kamui: New Anime Original- Is Ninja Kamui Worth Watching, 1st Episode Review

Joe Logan with Matchstick in his hand

A new anime original Ninja Kamui has made its debut on Adult Swim. The premiere of the thrilling anime series, directed by the renowned Sung Hoo Park, took place on February 11th, 2024. With two episodes already out, fans are completely hooked and raving about it.


Joe Logan Playing Guitar

In the first episode, we witness a group of masked ninjas engaging in a fight with a man. The way he fought back made it obvious that he was not an ordinary man, but despite his exceptional abilities, the ninjas managed to accomplish their mission. From the look of it, we can see they were not hunting just random humans but the mission was assigned to them.

In the following scene, we are introduced to the protagonist, Joe Logan. He lives in the countryside with his wife and son, and from their brief interaction, it is apparent that something terrible is going to happen to the family. Unfortunately, our suspicions were confirmed as the story unfolded.

At night both Joe and his wife hear a noise, when he goes downstairs to check, he encounters the same group of ninjas. While he was giving them a hard time, he heard the yelling of his son from upstairs. When Joe reached there he found his wife and son lying on the ground not breathing. The chilling view caused him to freeze, leaving him vulnerable to an unseen ninja who stabbed him from behind.

In the upcoming scene, Joe unexpectedly comes back to life after being declared dead for 22 hours. This comes as a surprise to everyone present. Fueled by a desire for revenge, Joe proceeds to take down every person who killed his family when the attackers return to the hospital. In the closing moments of the episode, it is revealed that Joe and his family have been utilizing advanced technology to conceal their true identities.


Ninja Kamui fighting scene

Sung Hoo Park, a well-known director in the anime industry, has gathered a loyal following with his previous works such as Jujutsu Kaisen and God of High School. Fans are eagerly looking forward, as they have high expectations and hoping for visually stunning and exhilarating fighting scenes. Sung Hoo Park’s reputation for creating dynamic and engaging action sequences has only fueled the fans’ excitement and anticipation for his next work.

The initial episode of the series presented sufficient plot to pique our curiosity. While we anticipate that upcoming episodes will delve deeper into the plot, we can be satisfied with what we’ve seen thus far. If the show manages to maintain its high standard of action scenes while steering clear of typical revenge movie cliches, it has the potential to be a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

When traditional ninja legends are combined with modern technology, it results in a complex and engaging narrative that offers a unique universe for viewers to explore. This blend of ancient and modern features creates a plot that is exciting and unique for the audience.

Overall, the first episode of Ninja Kamui is an exciting start to a new anime series. With its gripping action sequences, amazing animation, and engaging storyline, it has all the makings of a smash among anime enthusiasts. If you like ninja-themed anime or are seeking an action-packed series to get into, Ninja Kamui is a must-see.

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